Comprehensive Guide To Mesotherapy for Hair!

Have you ever heard about the term Mesotherapy for hair? If yes, and want to know more about it then you came to the right place. If you have questions like how it affects hair, its benefits and it is used then read on! Slimcity-one of the best cosmetology clinics in Vizag has given a comprehensive guide to Mesotherapy for hair in this blog. Slimcity provides the best hair treatment in Vizag, giving you desired results with effective solutions. We also provide you with customized treatment plans based on genetics. But before moving further know what Mesotherapy for hair actually means!

What Does Mesotherapy for Hair Mean?

Mesotherapy for hair is a non-invasive and ideal treatment for hair fall/ hair loss problems. It consists of bio-stimulation which biologically activates hair cells through small injections. The injection solution contains vitamins, minerals & amino acids cocktails that are essential for hair growth on the scalp.

Mesotherapy for hair reverses follicle shrinkage, boosts hair thickness & growth, stops hair loss & provides strength. You will see the most effective results when you reach the best cosmetology clinics in Vizag such as Slimcity. Contact our team of experts if you are looking for the best hair treatment in Vizag or want consultation regarding Mesotherapy or PRP for hair loss in Vizag.

There is always one query among people seeking to undergo hair treatment that is who can get this treatment & who can’t? If you think that Mesotherapy for hair is only for hair loss or alopecia then you are wrong. Mesotherapy for hair is also for people who want beautiful hair with more volume, vitality, shine, resilience & quality. Just ensure that you visit one of the best cosmetology clinics in Vizag such as Slimcity for the best results. One of the best things about Mesotherapy is that it’s perfectly compatible with hair transplantation and PRP treatment for hair loss in Vizag.

Benefits of Mesotherapy Treatment for hair:

It’s Effective: If you were wondering if the treatment is effective, we’re happy to announce that it is! Mesotherapy for hair is unquestionably effective for hair loss.” In fact, when combined with PRP (platelet-rich plasma), its potency and effectiveness are significantly superior.

It is Safe & Painless: When compared to more intrusive, surgical therapies for hair loss, mesotherapy for hair is unquestionably a safer option. Furthermore, it often does not injure the surrounding tissue and performs the intended function.

It Enhances Scalp Immunity: Apart from rejuvenating hair follicles, mesotherapy for hair also rejuvenates the scalp. The method of puncturing with injections allows the growth of new blood vessels, which rejuvenates your scalp and ensures that your hair grows longer, shinier, and thicker.

It Reduces Scalp Inflammation: Mesotherapy for hair, as previously stated, regulates micro-inflammation in the scalp. So, if you’ve been suffering from dandruff or itching, then mesotherapy for hair will take care of everything and restore your hair.

How Does Mesotherapy for Hair Work?

If you are worried that the Mesotherapy for hair might be painful then you are wrong. It has minimal pain and takes a maximum of one-hour duration to finish the treatment. If technically explained, the procedure involves injecting nutrient-rich liquid into the scalp. There is a specific mesotherapy gun that is generally used for the treatment. The liquid contains tissue-friendly materials & is also safe as it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions. It might take around eight sittings with weekly intervals for visible results but it’s definitely worth it when you visit one of the best cosmetology clinics in Vizag like Slimcity.

Who Can Undergo Mesotherapy for Hair?

Mesotherapy for hair is for anyone who is facing hair fall and also for someone who simply desires beautiful, thick & strong hair. The therapy was originally prescribed to people with alopecia, a condition where there is an absence of hair from certain areas of the body or scalp.

On the contrary, for people facing baldness, or having a genetic pattern for hair loss, Mesotherapy for hair isn’t going to be effective in such conditions. This is because the treatment only stimulates inactive bulbs & works on hair follicles & it cannot regenerate hair altogether. In addition, pregnant women, and people having skin ailments, dermal inflammation, and diabetes should not undergo Mesotherapy for hair as it may hamper and deteriorate their health.

Precautions To Take Before & After the Treatment

You won’t have to undergo a very high maintenance post-treatment, care is needed after undergoing mesotherapy for hair, yet there are a few things to keep in mind after the treatment. Firstly, you should avoid sun exposure post-treatment as it may cause allergic reactions due to sun exposure. Also, you shouldn’t wash your hair the same day and avoid hair coloring after treatment.

While the treatment may seem intimidating, it is actually not that frightening because it is non-invasive and simple to perform. Patients who undergo mesotherapy restoration typically feel minimal pain and discomfort, especially when compared to surgical methods, making it a simple solution to significant hair loss. It’s an excellent process if you want to improve the quality and health of your hair, and you can be confident that if you choose it, you’ll get the required results. You can talk to our experts at Slimcity, it is one of the best cosmetology clinics in Vizag if you are looking for PRP treatment for hair loss in Vizag or the best hair treatment in Vizag.

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